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cosmetics retailer and wholesalers, personi cosmetics, himanshu cosmetics
cosmetics retailer and wholesalers, personi cosmetics, himanshu cosmetics,cosmetics retailer and wholesalers, personi cosmetics, himanshu cosmetics

Beauty Tips for Eyes

What is the most important feature of someone’s face? Eyes happen to be the most expressive feature of someone’s face. They express your emotions in the best manner possible without you not even speaking. Attractive and mesmerizing eyes can surely turn many heads towards you. And our eye make up product range fully take cares of that.


Beauty tips for eyes encompass the usage of the galore of make up products for eyes that have been designed in a manner to take care of every part of your eyes. Get smoky eyes for yourself by using the eye makeup tips. In the initial stages, it might appear complicated but as you cruise along you will find that it is easier to be applied than any other kind of make up. There are a variety of colors, tools, and techniques that can be used. Eyes are the most expressive feature that you might create with your eye make up techniques and products.


Tips to get beautiful eyes


Most of the communication is made by the expression in your eyes. And one is able to convey the best of emotions through the eyes. That's the reason why eye make up enhances the look of the eyes and it can also turn out to be overtly bad if the beauty tips for eyes are not aptly applied.

  • Choose the eye shadow that suits your skin tone and type as they come in varied texture, powder (compacts), pencils, and creams. Only you can choose the right eye make up product for yourself.
  • You can either use a dry or a wet eye powder but make sure you are able to control it. You have to be sure that the best powder that you use shall be of the moist nature.
  • Eye pencils are always easy to use. Make sure you do not smear the lines as you apply the eye pencils on your eyes.
  • Remember that eye creams are not at all easy to manage. Therefore, use a good quality eye foundation; or else it might slip and slide towards the crease on your eyes and eyelids.


Eye Make up Beauty Tips


Eye make up beauty tips are used to shade and give a definite shape to the eyes. Mascara helps to give an illusive expression to your eyes. You eyelashes appear thick and lengthy. Eye make up also creates a good illusion of light and shadow, if done in the proper manner. Follow the tips of eye makeup meticulously such that you get the best look.


Eye Make Up Tips


You require four different-colored eye shadows as mentioned hereunder –

  • Apply eye make up tips that has a neutral-toned base.
  • You need a main color.
  • You need a light shade for highlighting.
  • You shall require a darker shade for emphasizing the eye.
  • Get access to a magnifying mirror, have your set of brushes ready with you and make the sponges also readily available to blend the eye make up.


Beauty Tips for Face

  • You can dip a cotton ball in 1 tablespoon of un-boiled milk and apply on your face gently. Make circular movements, in the upward direction around the neck area. You shall have to leave this on the face for about 15 minutes. And then splash cold water to wash off.
  • Make a thick slice of cucumber without peeling off the slice and then make circular movements over the face and neck. Wash off after 15 minutes.
  • Take a tomato and make two halves and make gentle movements across your face. Wash it off after 15 minutes.
  • Half of a lime peel – juice of which has already been extracted can act as a good scrub on the face and the neck.
  • An ice cube can be rubbed on the face gently as it is a good massaging tool. It thoroughly refreshes you!
  • Apple slices can be placed over your face – as they soak in the excess oil on your face and close the pores.


Facial Makeup Tips

  • To get a natural look that glows naturally you have to be sure that your foundation is in perfect sync with your skin tone. Do not stay away to test the foundations along the jaw line. You can pick the best color among them from the one which disappears in your skin.
  • To cover up the imperfections and blemishes, apply the foundation first and then apply the concealer. If there are too much of imperfections, there is no need to apply too much of powder, it shall gather more attention.
  • Are you planning an evening out with your near and dear ones? Mix some shimmer powder with your powder and apply it on the bridge of the nose, below your brow bone, the temples, cheekbone, chin and shoulders. These are the places which attract more light.
  • Make sure that your foundation should have a SPF 15 factor to prevent the sun damage.
  • If your skin color changes, make sure you change the foundation color too.
  • After applying the foundation, make sure it looks natural. Artificial look will spoil the entire makeup.


Beauty Tips for Nails


Nails are the essential parts of your body. It protects the hands and the feet from any damages. In modern world, people engage in much experimentation with their nails. To decorate it with colorful features, cosmetic world has brought out numerous options. Beauty tips for nails will allow you to enjoy various nail enhancement options. You will look gorgeous and stylish following all latest beauty nail care treatments. Let’s discuss below some of the most encouraging nail care tips.


How to get Attractive Nails?

  • Acrylic nails: You might have heard about acrylic nails. In this modern age it is no doubt a trendy option. You can wear such artificial nails to add style and glamour. Various kinds of designs are available in such nails. To get this nail, you have to use a paste of polymer powder and a type of liquid. The best thing of it is that it does not create any damages. You can also get rid of brittle nail problem wearing such artificial nails. During any party it will flatter you perfectly.
  • Nail art: To enjoy an awesome decoration, you can go with nail art. To change your nail color, this beauty treatment can help you. It will rejuvenate the nails. Several eye catching designs can be added to make the nails gorgeous. For better support, you can buy nail art stickers from the market.
  • Wraps: Try this unique nail care treatment. You can enhance the nails with silk materials. Such materials will be used as layer of the nails. It is called wraps. Getting this design, you will definitely enjoy a glowing and trendy nail.
  • Gel nails: Gel nails offer your nails natural look. After applying the mixture on the nails, you should offer them ultraviolet light. The process takes very little time and does not harm you in any way. The technique is really fashionable in this modern age.
  • Nail jewelry: You wear jewelry on your body parts. Have you ever thought to use it on the nails? The new generation demands such style on their nails. Various kinds of nails jewelries can be used and everyone will appreciate the design. Nail piercing is also a technique that is related to nail jewelry trend.


Nail Beauty Treatments

  • Use nail files: Choose a good nail file to save the nails form any damages. It protects the edges of the nails, pampers cracked nails and makes the hands and feet so beautiful. Therefore during manicure or pedicure, this instrument is an essential for all.
  • Treat nail cuticle: Cuticle disturbs your life a lot. To treat this problem follow the below tips—
    o Apply moisturizer
    o Gently scrub the nails
    o Eucalyptus oil(in hindi “Nilgiri oil”) and jojoba oil are good remedy for cuticles.
  • Nail fungus remedy: Some oral drugs are available to cure nail fungus. Ask you doctor and choose any of the following medicines to remove this painful condition. The drugs include,
    o Fluconazole (Diflucan)
    o Itraconazole (Sporanox)
    o Terbinafine (Lamisil)


Beauty tips for Lips


When you are getting ready for a party or an outing with your friends or even for work and you would like to make an impression on the people around you-you should not forget lip makeup . An attractive pair of lips is tempting and has a vital role in making you look attractive and beautiful. Colors used for lip makeup needs to be chosen with great care.


How to apply Lip Makeup?

  • Make the outline with the Lip Liner – before you take this step to define the shape of your lips with the lip line, make sure that your lips are smooth, soft and free of grease. Try using a sharp lip liner, it should be a shade close to the color of your lipstick. Apply the same with a steady hand and don't make the line too dark. While making the line on your upper lips, start off with the centre portion and then come toward both the edges. In case of the lower lip, make the line from both the sides.
  • Try to prime up the lips with A Lip Balancer – make the base right before applying the lipstick. It should be in a position to be seen balanced out to match the skin tone. If you see that your lips are of an even color, you can use a face powder to act as the best base.
  • Fill up with the Lipstick – Use a lip brush and fill in the lip color on both the lips. Same as that of the lip liner, in case of the upper lip, you shall have to start off applying at the center and then move towards the two sides. Similarly, for the lower lip, apply it from both the sides. Don't put on too much of color. You can always try adding more color later on rather than removing the excess colors.
  • Blotting Off - Folda clean tissue paper and hold it between both your lips. If there is excess color, just press your lips slowly together to do away with it.
  • Apply lip gloss – Lastly, make the finishing touch by applying the lip gloss over your lipstick to make your lips gleam with shine.


5 steps to get Beautiful Lips


Following a few simple steps can help you to get those perfect lips you yearned for a long time:

  • The first step to have beautiful lips is to make them soft and supple. Use a lip salve or a lip balm to keep your lips soft and moisturized. The simplest homemade lip balm that you can use is a mixture of 1 drop honey, 1 drop olive oil and 1 drop almond oil. Massage this mixture, gently, into the skin of your lips before you go to bed at night.
  • Always remove all traces of makeup from your lips before you go to bed at night.
  • Drink lots of water. Drink a balanced diet and exercise regularly. If your body is in good shape, your lips will look healthy.
  • Avoid smoking, and chewing tobacco. Also, avoid chewing beetle leaves. These may stain your lips.
  • Avoid eating junk foods and keep your alcohol intake to the minimum.



cosmetics retailer and wholesalers, personi cosmetics, himanshu cosmetics
cosmetics retailer and wholesalers, personi cosmetics, himanshu cosmetics